Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

20090628_Bronx_Zoo33This picture was taken at the Bronx Zoo. I think it was the reptile exhibit building but I could be wrong. When I entered this building I was struck by the beautiful interior, specifically the ceiling and the contrast between the warm interior and the cool light coming from the outside. I wanted to capture the archways and ceiling but at the same time wanted to put it in context and let the viewers get an idea as to where the shot was taken. I also wanted to capture how busy the information desk was but by the time I positioned myself, there was only a small family asking questions.

I remember going VERY low to the ground, almost touching the floor to get this shot. I have many shots like this one and other perspectives/angles but I only wanted to choose one for this week’s challenge. It’s a great challenge and I definitely want to commend Cheri for recommending it.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

  1. These arches, and hundreds more in the area (including Grand Central Station, a few subway stations, the market under the Queensboro Bridge, and the municipal building) were created by Guastavino. You can find the herring-bone tile pattern under arches in a surprising amount of places in the city… and in NC.

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