Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

I pick this up every day and place it securely in my pocket, the jingling sounds and heavy weight always bringing a small measure of anticipated satisfaction. No longer indebted to a conglomerate entity, it’s finally all mine – paid … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Mine! Mine! Mine! – A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

If there’s ever anything that I completely consider “mine” it would have to be my pre-owned low mileage Mustang that I purchased last summer in pristine condition. I’m not at all materialistic nor consider myself a car aficionado but when it comes to Mustangs, I simply love them! This is my second ‘stang and it won’t be my last. Already, my 10-year old is eyeing the car so I guess it’ll go to her when she’s ready (and after she drives a hoopty or two). It’s a perfect excuse to someday purchase that Shelby GT 500 or Boss 302 I’ve been salivating for. … Continue reading Mine! Mine! Mine! – A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today I was in Boston (was there all week) and right at this very moment I am back home. I have to commend Sara for coming up with a real good post this week. As it so happens, I only took two pictures today which I will add to this post. Upon arriving to JFK this afternoon, I felt really good to be driving my own car. Every time I go to the airport parking lot, my Mustang is always there waiting for me. There’s nothing like being able to get in your own car from a long vacation or … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Bones for the ‘Stang

A couple of weeks ago, I finally made the decision to buy a bike rack. After scouring the internet for the right one that will fit my 2003 Mustang, I finally decided to get the Saris Bones 2 rack. I was a little apprehensive about it because I just didn’t know if it would clear my car’s spoiler. I’ve read online of how the Saris fits other car models but I hadn’t seen anything written specifically for my car. Before diving in and purchasing however, I had an idea. I went to my local bike shop and saw that they … Continue reading Bones for the ‘Stang