Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

There’s nothing like the immense joy shared between mother and child. While visiting my friend in Puerto Rico several years ago, I met her beautiful family for the first time. We took a day trip to the old historic castle, Fort … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This week’s photo challenge required a lot of thought. I sifted through all my photos to find one that best matched the word, “wonder”. I found that perfect photo when I searched through pictures of my daughter during her first trip abroad to France. She loved all the new sights, sounds, smells and even palate (that girl even out ate me!) that the French culture had to offer. After a very long flight (trust me, 8 hours is long enough but with a crying child, it’s an eternity!), it was time for a long 3-hour train ride to Rennes. After … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder