Bikes and Bicycling, a la France

Today the second snowstorm hit the northeast this week, with another coming our way this weekend. I can’t wait for spring-like weather to finally arrive. Unfortunately, according to Punxsutawney Phil, the blasted rodent is anticipating SIX more weeks of winter. damn. … Continue reading Bikes and Bicycling, a la France

Alone on the Five Boro Bike Tour 2012

On Sunday, May 6th, New Yorkers and visitors from over 32 US cities and over 64 countries participated in TD Bank’s 35th annual Five Boro Bike Tour. This was my second time being part of this truly awesome event. Days before, I had taken my bike in to the shop for maintenance. This was the extent of my pre-tour preparation. I should’ve taken the bike out months before and prepared my body for the event! Being too busy with work, I never got the chance. I decided to do the tour without any training, something that I truly do not … Continue reading Alone on the Five Boro Bike Tour 2012

Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

I was in the mood for a new bike helmet these past few months when I recently received an e- newsletter from Bike New York. As I scrolled down the email, an image grabbed my attention. I saw a picture of a girl wearing a helmet from Nutcase ( It was a limited edition Bike New York helmet in the Gen2 style. It sported Bike New York logos on the sides and red bike icons with large NY initials on front and back. I instantly liked it! Clicking on the link took me to the Nutcase website. There I found … Continue reading Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

Her First Solo Bike Ride

Today I bought my daughter, Cyan, her second bike but this time without training wheels. It is a 20 inch, Schwinn “Stardust” bike suitable for her size and age. She was very excited at the prospect of possibly learning how to ride today. We were helped by one of the store clerks, Andy, as he picked out a bike for my daughter. She got on the bike and felt very comfortable. Andy gave her a few pointers on how to start learning how to ride and even demonstrated for her (she giggled at his large frame on her small bike). Being that she’s been riding her little scooter for quite some time now, he said that she already should know how to balance herself. He gave her until the end of July to really master how to ride her bike.

We left the store and headed back home. As I parked the car and got the bike out, Continue reading “Her First Solo Bike Ride”

First Bike – First Blog!

Giant Cypress (Black/Gray)

This is my first public online blog so I figured that start off by talking about my new Giant Cypress (Black/Grey) bike. As I get more comfortable with the whole blogging thing, I will post more stuff of substance. For now, this bike is really a big deal for me.

I am 41 years old and I haven’t owned a bike…. ever. I’ve always borrowed bikes from friends but never owned one. Living in New York City for most of my life, taking mass transit to get anywhere was good enough for me. Only on one occasion I remember riding my friend’s bike all through upper Manhattan amidst traffic. That was a lifetime ago. The thought of doing so now only fills me with dread as the streets are more congested and dangerous then they were in my youth.

To its credit however, New York City has done a tremendous job Continue reading “First Bike – First Blog!”