Abandoned: Château de Vaurouault

Today’s weekly challenge is just perfect for me as I’ve been highly interested in the subject of abandoned places and things. The practice of going into forbidden, rundown, and closed locations is known as urban exploration or urbex for short. … Continue reading Abandoned: Château de Vaurouault

Dinard Center and Beach

I got back from vacation a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t posted pictures up of my trip. I’ve been incredibly busy but starting today whenever I can, I will post just a few of the many pictures I took of my European vacation. I traveled to Brittany France to see my family, crossed the entire country of France and over to Freiburg, Germany and then ended our trip in London, just in time to see this city prepare for the 2012 Olympics (and then quickly head out before the madness begins!). Onto the best part of the trip: … Continue reading Dinard Center and Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

This has got to be the most photographed house in the Cotes-d’Amor region of France! While in the town of Plougrescant in Brittany, France, I saw this peculiar little house nestled in between these two giant rocks. I was totally amazed by it so I snapped away. Years later, I would see this house again in a beautiful photography book of France at my local Barnes & Noble store. I’ve also seen it countless times on the internet. So much for a unique and original picture. I guess I just dialed it in on this week’s challenge. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Between