George Washington Bridge Memories

In light of the recent controversy going on with this bridge – just Google “governor Chris Christie and George Washington Bridge” and you’ll get the full scoop that’s gripping the political world in the US right now – I decided … Continue reading George Washington Bridge Memories

Deodorant and NY Comic Con 2011

Today is Comic Con 2011, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned from my previous two visits at the con. The first time I went to the comic con two years ago, it was an incredibly awesome experience. I was a complete newbie to it all and I found myself really enjoying myself like a small, giddy child would. I would never forget that first time. The experience was made all the more worthwhile because I was walking the floor with my best friend and former Marvel/DC Comics illustrator and inker extraordinaire, Hector Collazo. Meeting his former big name … Continue reading Deodorant and NY Comic Con 2011