Spoiler-free Review of Oblivion

It’s VERY difficult to write a spoiler-free review of this movie. If you’re really interested in seeing this film, I suggest that you do NOT see the trailer. Unfortunately, it really spoils a lot of this movie. When I saw … Continue reading Spoiler-free Review of Oblivion

Iron Man 2 Loses Some of its Luster

(*** be warned, SPOILER alert! ***) I loved the first Iron Man movie. I went in knowing that it was going to be a sure hit. I was surprised at how many people didn’t know much about the character at the time of the movie’s premiere (but us insiders knew very well). Robert Downey, Jr. was perfectly cast as Tony Stark and John Favreau’s direction was nothing short of brilliant (who knew that the “serious clown” in Seinfeld would become such a big name Hollywood director?). Coming in to see Iron Man 2, I was a little dubious and fearful … Continue reading Iron Man 2 Loses Some of its Luster

Release the Kraken!

The 1981 remake of Clash of Titans finally hit theaters this weekend and I’m already predicting that it will be the number 1 movie dominating the box office. It will do well not because it’s  yet another 3D movie released this year nor because Sam Worthington is in it (a 3D “veteran” already with Avatar under his belt). I think this movie will do well because we all love a good yarn involving the battle between man and the gods. It’s filled with action, mythical monsters and high adventure. The theater I went to was packed with many enthusiastic movie-goers … Continue reading Release the Kraken!

Not your father’s Sherlock Holmes

I went to see Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes on New Year’s Day while my daughter attended a birthday party at the mall. I will readily admit that I’ve never read nor seen a Sherlock Holmes story – ever. I grew up knowing about this legendary sleuth and saw commercials on TV regarding old black and white movies and tv shows, particularly the ones shown on BBC. It’s not that I didn’t like the character. For some reason, I just couldn’t relate to him. Something about how he was always portrayed on screen or on book covers that I didn’t find … Continue reading Not your father’s Sherlock Holmes