Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

In the end, what’s created is not simply a class filled with books, pencils, chairs and desks. What we ultimately create in the classroom is a community of learners… Every year as students file in to classrooms all over the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Renewal: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

  When I think of renewal I think about the time when I was a 2nd grade teacher in the Bronx and I would always look towards September with a great deal of optimism, excitement and hope, emotions tinged with a fair amount of last minute jitters and unfounded worries. In June you “break down” your classroom to make sure that the school janitor and his staff can either clean the room, paint the walls if need be and polish the wood grain floors plus a host of other things they do while we’re away enjoying our summer reprieve. Then … Continue reading Renewal: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today I was in Boston (was there all week) and right at this very moment I am back home. I have to commend Sara for coming up with a real good post this week. As it so happens, I only took two pictures today which I will add to this post. Upon arriving to JFK this afternoon, I felt really good to be driving my own car. Every time I go to the airport parking lot, my Mustang is always there waiting for me. There’s nothing like being able to get in your own car from a long vacation or … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Today