While visiting Paris last year with my daughter, we took an afternoon walk along the Seine promenade. During that particular summer, the City of Light was having a celebration along the Seine, showcasing art exhibits, music, games and other various family-centered activities. I’ll … Continue reading Wall

Home: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

A couple of years ago I posted this picture of this homeless man after I first created this blog. I am reposting it again for this week’s photo challenge. When I think of home, I think of course of my own comfortable existence in Yonkers, NY. I think of the creature comforts I enjoy: a warm bed, a comfy couch in front of a large screen tv with all the technology attached to it, a kitchen with its easy access to food. But my home wouldn’t be a home without the people within it. I think immediately of my daughter and how … Continue reading Home: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge