Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


Looking out my window on a cold, rainy day…

A while back there was a weekly photo challenge titled Windows. In that post I chose to depict a stone “window” while visiting Castillo de San Cristobal, a Spanish fort in San Juan Puerto Rico. For this week’s challenge Cheri asks us to share a picture with a window in it. I decided to post several pictures, four of them from France.

IMG_1367While visiting a school in the Boston area, I was conducting a workshop in the uppermost floor of the building. The school was very old and had interesting architectural features such as a wide  central staircase, beautiful wooden floors and round windows.

Mt_St_Michel32-2In France, I  visited Mt. St. Michel several times as that place never gets old.

201206307_Fort-La-Latte89_90_fusedFort-la-Latte is always a great day trip while in Bretagne. This window was deep within the fort and afforded us a beautiful view of the sea and surrounding countryside.

20130705_Parc_du_Thabor66In Renne’s Parc du Thabor, a window washer is busy doing her job.

20130707_Doelan37In the tiny port town of Doelan, I looked at a house by the coast and saw that a vigilant fisherman has set up his binoculars by the lighthouse.

20130703_Paris23Finally, after a long day my daughter stares out the window of the TGV as we leave Paris and head into the country.

16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

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  3. there was such a great flow in the variety of pictures – and wow – from the droplets of rain to someone looking through one – to different shapes and locations – to even a window WASHER!! – dude – this was nicely pieced together – enjoyed the post.

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