Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Anyone who knows me quite well knows that I don’t like “rabbit food” on my plate. For this week’s photo challenge, the word was habit. This one stumped me quite a bit. So much so that here we are, almost … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Time to Make the Crepes – Everyday Life: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

The French love their wine and they also love their food. Whenever I go to France I love going to local shops early in the morning and seeing the bakers make their daily bread, pastries and other delicious goods. I love the sights and smells that waft through the neighborhoods. On one particular day, I came across a creperie in Paris and saw this man making assorted crepes with so much passion and care. We ordered sugar crepes, chocolate crepes and even strawberry crepes. I know that there are various creperies in New York City but none taste better than … Continue reading Time to Make the Crepes – Everyday Life: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

After being away on vacation for a week, I wanted to squeeze in last Friday’s photo challenge before the new one is up. I love this particular photo challenge as I’m a big advocate for having a hearty breakfast everyday. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for me. My breakfasts typically include a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee along with a bagel. My favorite breakfast however is corn beef hash and eggs with home fries. Today’s photo is of my friend’s homemade waffles served up in Colorado Springs. My friend Tony is a fantastic cook and anything he makes is simply fantastic … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Supermarket + Instagram = Fun

I hate food shopping, even more so with the significant other. When I food shop on my own, I’m equipped with a short list. I have an objective to accomplish. My motto has always been “go in and go out”. It pretty much applies to a lot of what I do. With these supermarket trips however, I usually wind up following her as I drag the cart around, with little input at times as to what goes into it. Let’s face it, veto power is totally in their hands. I feel like some sort of man-servant who’s relegated to simply … Continue reading Supermarket + Instagram = Fun