Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter is my least favorite season as it brings in the cold and the occasional snow, causing havoc at times on the roads and at home. Shovels come out and the digging begins, salt and kitty litter is spread generously, and gas-powered snow blowers blare through the day, cascading flakes into the air. Still, it’s a time when everyone huddles close together, warm at home while sipping on frothy hot chocolate or some warm seasonal tea. For the adventurous types and young at heart, it’s a time for skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and sledding down “treacherous” long hills. Winter ushers in … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

Ever since I was a child I’ve always looked up to the sky, dreaming that I would someday be a pilot. When I was in my early 20’s, I made those dreams a reality when I finally went to flight school. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot so I packed my things, gave up my jobs (I had two) and my NYC apartment and went to Alabama to learn how to fly. I attended the now defunct Alabama Aviation & Technical College (now part of Wallace college). In the three years that I lived in Alabama, my flying days … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

After being away on vacation for a week, I wanted to squeeze in last Friday’s photo challenge before the new one is up. I love this particular photo challenge as I’m a big advocate for having a hearty breakfast everyday. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for me. My breakfasts typically include a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee along with a bagel. My favorite breakfast however is corn beef hash and eggs with home fries. Today’s photo is of my friend’s homemade waffles served up in Colorado Springs. My friend Tony is a fantastic cook and anything he makes is simply fantastic … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This week’s photo challenge required a lot of thought. I sifted through all my photos to find one that best matched the word, “wonder”. I found that perfect photo when I searched through pictures of my daughter during her first trip abroad to France. She loved all the new sights, sounds, smells and even palate (that girl even out ate me!) that the French culture had to offer. After a very long flight (trust me, 8 hours is long enough but with a crying child, it’s an eternity!), it was time for a long 3-hour train ride to Rennes. After … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

There are many things I find comforting throughout my often hectic day. I always retreat to a good book while flying on long trips, open up my iPad and surf the web or read an ebook. I could listen to music anywhere, anytime, any place and find that incredibly comforting. Music fills my soul and calms me down. My 9-year old jokes that I find comfort and relaxation via my large screen HDTV, movies or video game system (and she wouldn’t be wrong in that assessment). A nice drive in my Mustang would also be a close contender. A cup … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

While away on business in Miami, Fl. a couple of years ago, I decided to take a drive in this beautiful city. I didn’t want to stay cooped up in my hotel room so I did a little bit of exploring after checking in. Carrying my trusty Canon Powershot with me, I saw this beautiful sunset and immediately had to pull over and take the shot. I took several pictures with various settings. Time was running out as I was quickly losing light and a beautiful opportunity. I’ve never really taken sunset shots so this was my first. This was … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

I discovered the Foret de Broceliande over four years ago while on one of my frequent trips to France. This time we decided to explore the area around Rennes in Brittany and came across this beautiful forest in the French commune of Paimpont. It is said among the locals that a number of adventures from Arthurian legend took place in this forest and that the tree in which the Lady of the Lake imprisoned Merlin can still be seen today. Speaking of Merlin, a few meters from this very spot is supposedly Merlin’s tomb. It was told to me that … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Path