Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

The day started out snowing here in the northeast. The weather was looking horrible and I had to drive down to south Jersey for work. When I saw today’s photo challenge, I instantly knew that it would be an easy … Continue reading Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Instagram Web Profiles

Today I stumbled upon a story on CNET regarding instagram and how they’re now starting to slowly roll out user profiles for the web this week. Immediately after reading this post, I went to to see if I was one of the lucky ones to have a web profile up and was greeted with the following page: Bummed out, I tried my daughter’s and her profile wasn’t up yet. Figuring it would be up sooner or later during the week, I went about my business. Several hours later, just before going to bed, I decided to give it another … Continue reading Instagram Web Profiles

Stickygram Magnets!

As most of you know, I’ve been on a real Instagram kick for the past couple of months. I’ve been using my iPhone4s to take pictures of my travels and to document everything I encounter and see around me. With these little snapshots I really try and tell a story of where I’ve been. The pictures I take represent a small experience and slice of life while I’m on the road. Used in conjunction with my iPhone app, Momento, I can go back and time and not only read about, but see the places I’ve visited. One day I’ll pull … Continue reading Stickygram Magnets! Gallery Invite

A couple of months ago I blogged about how addicted I was to Instagram. Well, that addiction is in overdrive these past few weeks. I put down the app for a long time before picking it up again. I’m still having a great time with it, discovering a new way to take pictures with my iPhone. My poor Nikon D90 has not seen any action in a long time. Despite the big hoopla (and subsequent fears) about Facebook purchasing this tiny but highly popular upstart, I’m hopeful that Facebook won’t fix what’s not broken and allow us to have fun … Continue reading Gallery Invite

Supermarket + Instagram = Fun

I hate food shopping, even more so with the significant other. When I food shop on my own, I’m equipped with a short list. I have an objective to accomplish. My motto has always been “go in and go out”. It pretty much applies to a lot of what I do. With these supermarket trips however, I usually wind up following her as I drag the cart around, with little input at times as to what goes into it. Let’s face it, veto power is totally in their hands. I feel like some sort of man-servant who’s relegated to simply … Continue reading Supermarket + Instagram = Fun

Addicted to Instagram

I love this little app! I know, I’m rather late to the party. Just last week I discovered Instagram, a photo sharing app you use with your iPhone to snap pics, apply built-in filters and then post to Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr or via email for friends and family. I must’ve been living under a rock to let this little app slip past me. As some of you may know, I love photography with a great passion and often day dream that I would do it for a living one day. Until that day comes, I just shoot away at anything … Continue reading Addicted to Instagram