Not All Who Wander Are Lost…

So it’s been a very long time since my last post. So much has happened in my personal life; a lot of ups and downs. It was such a tremendous effort to write or even take out my camera at times. Although I’ve always had my iPhone and have taken MANY interesting pictures (and on the occasional trip to France) I just didn’t have the energy to write anything about it.

So I decided to simply stop blogging.

But I missed it. Eventually I picked up the camera again and pursued other interests. That’s when I discovered the Jeep community. After buying my 1999 Jeep Cherokee from my neighbor (and now good friend) over three years ago, I’ve been deeply immersed in the Jeep culture/obsession. I started upgrading the Jeep with lifts, tires, paint job, suspension, lights, and other parts too numerous to mention. It was an expensive little “side project.”

Jeep really stands for Just Empty Every Pocket. I didn’t make that up, every Jeep owner knows this.

5Star Jeep Club November 2016

I later discovered and joined the 5Star Jeep Club, a group of Jeep enthusiasts in the NY/NJ/CT tristate area. After the passing of my best friend, I barely hung out, becoming a solitary creature for many years. But with this Jeep club, I instantly made a lot of connections with many wonderful men and women. I started to venture out to other areas to meet like-minded people. I instantly got the rock crawling, 4×4 off-roading bug, taking my vehicle through challenging terrain, testing my novice skills and pushing my rig to its limits on “green” and later “blue” trails.

Experienced camping for the first time with this club
Jeeps in their natural habitat

The club was also focused on charitable events, fostering a sense of giving back and supporting other communities. We’ve done toy drives, food drives, cancer awareness drives, back-to-school drives, Memorial Day flag ceremonies, etc. It felt really great to be part of something special and this club was it.

Thanksgiving food drive
Christmas Toy Drive

Eventually the camera came out and I then started to take a lot of Jeep-related pictures. But I wanted to focus on more than just the machines: I wanted to capture the people behind the machines. So I became one of the few photographers in the club to always document our journeys, meetings, and get-togethers.

OK4WD Truckfest 2016: Best Club Participation

In a relatively short period of time I was asked to join their board, becoming a secretary/public relations officer, giving my small input in making the club better. I created their twitter account (@5starjeepclub), tumblr page (, Facebook page (@5starjeepclub) and helped contribute to their instagram page (@5star_jeeps) where they have over 10K followers. Aside from my day job, the club has kept me busy from time to time.

Annual kick-off greet-n-meet

So I’ve decided to dive back in to blogging. I will not make this an official Jeep blog because my pictures are much more than that but I will be occasionally posting Jeep-related pictures and excursions so don’t be put off. If anything I’ll try to keep the pics interesting.

I’ll also start participating in the weekly photo challenges again as I’ve always enjoyed those and loved seeing what the WordPress community was up to in terms of photography.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, everyone is shut in and as a a club, all excursions are basically on hold. So yearly bbq for the members, no flag placing ceremonies, no camping and no rock crawling. This will be a very challenging summer for folks who love to get together and drive.

However, I’m glad to be back and I hope you enjoy the content I’ll share during this year. I also look forward to seeing what other WordPress bloggers are sharing.

It’s good to be back.

One thought on “Not All Who Wander Are Lost…

  1. I came across your information when i was cleaning up my address book and school items. I just recently retired from BPS-Boston schools. I remember your motivational workshop and Daughter’s name! I sent her the apron and Easy Bake oven. May you both be well.

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