Why I Threw Away That Summer Homework Packet!

So my daughter comes up to me, asking for help with her summer homework packet shortly after school ended. For those of you who don’t know (or don’t have any children or nieces/nephews), at the end of the school year, … Continue reading Why I Threw Away That Summer Homework Packet!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Okay, THIS time I thought that I would really be out this week’s photo challenge. Unfocused? Who came up with that? Let’s be honest, when most of us find out that we have an unfocused, blurry shot, we immediately discard it. For me, it’s an automatic response after looking at my LCD screen on my Nikon: press delete! I NEVER keep subpar pictures. With digital technology, it’s SO easy to just take another picture. If you’re really good, you’re taking lots and LOTS of pictures in the process, electing to discard the unacceptable ones once you get home and fire up … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Her First Solo Bike Ride

Today I bought my daughter, Cyan, her second bike but this time without training wheels. It is a 20 inch, Schwinn “Stardust” bike suitable for her size and age. She was very excited at the prospect of possibly learning how to ride today. We were helped by one of the store clerks, Andy, as he picked out a bike for my daughter. She got on the bike and felt very comfortable. Andy gave her a few pointers on how to start learning how to ride and even demonstrated for her (she giggled at his large frame on her small bike). Being that she’s been riding her little scooter for quite some time now, he said that she already should know how to balance herself. He gave her until the end of July to really master how to ride her bike.

We left the store and headed back home. As I parked the car and got the bike out, Continue reading “Her First Solo Bike Ride”