Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  While on a trip to Quimper, France, along the highway I spotted this highly unusual house! I quickly snapped a picture as the car sped along and was able to capture a decent image (after a little editing and cropping). The house  resembles a UFO but I can only surmise that it’s actually a “green” home. The structure in front of this house is also interesting and I wonder what it’s for… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

This is one of my earliest pictures I took with my Nikon FG camera back in the mid-80’s, circa ’84 or ’85 when I was a teenager. My friends Victor and Willie look over a book while waiting for an elevator in one of the buildings of Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. Without the fancy aid of an LCD screen to look at a shot before or after taking a picture like we’re so used to nowadays, I discovered when I got the prints that I had greatly underexposed my shots. This particular picture proved to be … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Several years ago when my daughter was a toddler, I used to take her to the park almost every day to play after work. On this particular day, I took her out to ride her new tricycle. This new tricycle attracted many other children in the park and they would often go up to her (quite boldly) and try to ride the trike. Being a teacher at the time and seeing a “teachable moment”, I asked my highly dubious two-year old to share her trike with another child. As you can see from the photo, we BOTH regretted that decision! … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret