George Washington Bridge Memories

In light of the recent controversy going on with this bridge – just Google “governor Chris Christie and George Washington Bridge” and you’ll get the full scoop that’s gripping the political world in the US right now – I decided … Continue reading George Washington Bridge Memories

George Washington HS

A lifetime ago, I went to George Washington HS in Washington Heights NYC. Living in Washington Heights back in those days, chances were pretty good that you wound up attending “G-dubs” as we affectionately called this school. I had some of the best life experiences in this school and I look back on those days very fondly. Great friendships were formed here and higher learning was at its best. After two decades, I recently had the opportunity to go back inside this beautiful school and provide professional development to some of its staff. Teachers I’ve come to love through the … Continue reading George Washington HS

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

I’ve been very fortunate in this lifetime to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends. The seeds of many of my friendships began as early as elementary school, a few more in high school and definitely in college. Now in my mid-life, I am still surrounded by the very same loving and caring friends. These sets of pictures show my friends from way “back in the days”. If you look closely, you’ll see some of the same faces pop up in these various photos albeit a little rounder, a few less hair and a touch of grey here and … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship