Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Hector, me and Victor… Lifelong friends.

I’ve been very fortunate in this lifetime to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends. The seeds of many of my friendships began as early as elementary school, a few more in high school and definitely in college. Now in my mid-life, I am still surrounded by the very same loving and caring friends. These sets of pictures show my friends from way “back in the days”.

If you look closely, you’ll see some of the same faces pop up in these various photos albeit a little rounder, a few less hair and a touch of grey here and there.

Teatro HEY (2nd Gen.) male cast: Me, Wille, Victor, Hector and my twin brother Fernando in the background. We were so young then!

Washington Heights Crew in the mid 80s.

Hanging out in Ft. Tryon park in upper Manhattan.

At Jones Beach with the usual cast of characters.

Javier “The Jav” and “King” Arthur horsing around.

Teatro HEY (Health Education for Youth) theater group based out of Columbia Presbyterian/Columbia University. Willie, Me, Hector on the floor and Victor.

Me, Victor, Hector and Fernando. Hector was the first to marry and settle down… for a short while at least!

New Year’s Eve gathering of longtime friends.

Fernando, Javier, Willie and I.

Finally, one of the last pictures of the majority of the gang from Washington Heights together with a new generation. We’re now all spread out but still in touch most of the time. Sadly, we lost Andy (center, beige shirt) years ago.

Andy and I at Madison Square Garden watching the Nicks. Rest in Peace my friend.

17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

    • Thank you Mofman! Growing up with these groups of friends was truly a great experience for me. I’m happy to have picked up photography during these times to chronicle my adventures with them.

    • Thanks! I was just learning photography in these early years thanks to my friend Victor. I owe it all to him.

    • Imagine that, huh? We never know that person we meet could wind up being a lifelong friend. I was blessed with several.

    • Thanks Marina! The wonderful thing about it is that many of these different groups or “cliques” overlapped and became great friends as well!

  1. Great friendships, and photos! How cool that you have those group photos from “back in the days”. My photos from back then are more like….one friend here, one friend there… 🙂 Very nice!

    • Absolutely right, Gilly! These guys helped shape me into the individual I am today. We are all quirky and different (even nerdy/geeky) but we were all together and that made a big difference growing up.

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