Urban Bird Nest

I live in a big city and the opportunity for me to witness wildlife in its natural habitat is non-existent (unless you count the NYC rats dragging pizza slices about the train stations, then I’m covered there). Sorry folks, the Bronx Zoo doesn’t count. Imagine my surprise at seeing a robin bird nest literally next to my building entrance. The building manager had cut down the surrounding trees and trimmed the hedges but was sharp-eyed and noticed the nest tucked away in a small tree. He cut everything except select branches that hid the mother and her nest of beautiful robin eggs.

Such beautiful shade of blue

I had never seen bird eggs before out in the “wild” and I was amazed at how beautiful the blue eggs looked. Snapping a few pics with my iPhone, I made a pledge to take a few more photos to document the birth and subsequent maturity of the birds.

Several times I frightened the mother bird and opted not to disturb her or the nest.

Inclement weather and the ever vigilant momma bird prevented me from taking snapshots at times. Being in quarantine and busy with work also reduced the chances for me to take additional photos. I was happy with the photos (and video clips) I had taken however.

I was concerned that one egg wasn’t going to hatch after several days and as I watched the two robins grow, I lost hope for the third. One day I went outside to check on them and was happy and yet saddened to see the empty nest. I wondered what had happened to the third egg.

Alas, the inevitable empty nest…

I was told that it was last seen on the ground by the tree the night before. I searched and found nothing. Upon closer inspection, I did find some fragments of the shell.

Fate of the third egg…

The nest is still there and I hope to see future occupants make great use of it.

One thought on “Urban Bird Nest

  1. I had a robin’s nest in my yard once. I was thrilled!! I was also amazed at how quickly those baby birds mature and then go off on their own. You did a great job documenting your nest!

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