Antibodies Testing

So after testing negative for the coronavirus I needed to do one more thing. I needed to get an antibodies test. I initially thought that when I went to New Rochelle to get tested, that I would also get an antibodies test. I was completely wrong.

Now, getting tested for the coronavirus was one ordeal. Getting antibodies testing was another. A friend of mine on the west coast was able to easily get tested. She drove to a local hospital after making an appointment. She got the version of the test where a pinprick of blood was all that was needed. She was given a COVID-19 IgM IgG rapid test kit and told to wait. She had to do it herself and keep the kit with her in the car. About 15 minutes later she was given her results: she was negative.

This was the only health care professional admitting the test?
The COVID-19 IgM/IgG antibody rapid test
This is the COVID-19 (I know it says SARS-COV-2) Rapid Test Kit.

After trying to get a similar test here in NY, I was spectacularly unsuccessful. I was ultimately able to get an appointment however with the help of a really great friend in NJ, over 50 miles and an hour away from where I lived. Whatever. I needed it done. Once the appointment was set up, the test was super easy.

This urgent care facility was really nice! Staff was super friendly.
There were hardly anyone else in here initially.

The place itself was one of the nicest urgent care facilities I’ve ever visited. Talk about posh! I gave my information at the front desk and waited inside. The majority of patients waited in their cars, opting to get called when it was their turn. I got called despite being inside already.

There were no rapid testing kits here! We’re talking about the real deal here. Blood was drawn in the traditional way. This process was easy. I was told that I would be called with results in a day or two.

I was concerned over the validity of the test as I had recently read that the FDA had only approved ONE test. Since April, dozens of companies have created blood tests. The FDA has not officially approved those tests but what options do they have? We’re in dire straits here and people need to get tested across the country. Despite no official FDA approval, companies have agreed to continue testing and submit their findings to the FDA.

Two days later I was left a message on my cell that I had tested positive.

I had rather mixed feelings when hearing the curt message. On one hand I was really relieved to find that I had been right all along, that I was indeed very sick. Now I had antibodies. But on the other hand, I was still worried about my so-called “immunity.” There’s still so much that we DON’T know about this virus. What if I get re-infected? There has been cases where people who had tested positive and recovered, were tested positive again for the coronavirus.

This is all so damn crazy, frustrating and scary.

I reached out to the Red Cross so that I could donate blood and perhaps help others. I went to the website, filled out the info and waited. Several weeks later I was contacted via email. I called the number and was told that they would call back with further instructions.

I decided to take measures to still protect myself (and others). I wear a mask when I go out (it’s required if you want to enter any place of business), keep my distance when I’m out and about, and wash my hands every time I enter my home. The whole social distancing situation is really annoying and even an inconvenience but I strongly feel that it is necessary. I won’t dive into the politics of all of this as I feel it’s a non-issue: we need to listen to the science.

We need to work together as a country and do whatever it takes to finally beat this virus and get back to normal – whatever that may look like post-COVID. Take care of yourselves and your family my fellow bloggers.


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