Bikes and Bicycling, a la France

Today the second snowstorm hit the northeast this week, with another coming our way this weekend. I can’t wait for spring-like weather to finally arrive. Unfortunately, according to Punxsutawney Phil, the blasted rodent is anticipating SIX more weeks of winter. damn. … Continue reading Bikes and Bicycling, a la France

Alone on the Five Boro Bike Tour 2012

On Sunday, May 6th, New Yorkers and visitors from over 32 US cities and over 64 countries participated in TD Bank’s 35th annual Five Boro Bike Tour. This was my second time being part of this truly awesome event. Days before, I had taken my bike in to the shop for maintenance. This was the extent of my pre-tour preparation. I should’ve taken the bike out months before and prepared my body for the event! Being too busy with work, I never got the chance. I decided to do the tour without any training, something that I truly do not … Continue reading Alone on the Five Boro Bike Tour 2012

Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

I was in the mood for a new bike helmet these past few months when I recently received an e- newsletter from Bike New York. As I scrolled down the email, an image grabbed my attention. I saw a picture of a girl wearing a helmet from Nutcase ( It was a limited edition Bike New York helmet in the Gen2 style. It sported Bike New York logos on the sides and red bike icons with large NY initials on front and back. I instantly liked it! Clicking on the link took me to the Nutcase website. There I found … Continue reading Bike New York’s Gen2 Nutcase Helmet

Bones for the ‘Stang

A couple of weeks ago, I finally made the decision to buy a bike rack. After scouring the internet for the right one that will fit my 2003 Mustang, I finally decided to get the Saris Bones 2 rack. I was a little apprehensive about it because I just didn’t know if it would clear my car’s spoiler. I’ve read online of how the Saris fits other car models but I hadn’t seen anything written specifically for my car. Before diving in and purchasing however, I had an idea. I went to my local bike shop and saw that they … Continue reading Bones for the ‘Stang

NYC Greenway (Manhattan Waterfront)

Yesterday I decided to drive to my old neighborhood of Inwood (upper Manhattan) to look for the elusive entrance to the NYC Greenway Manhattan Waterfront. I’ve been meaning to take a ride on this Greenway for the longest time but every time I was in the neighborhood, I could never find it. This time I drove and parked my car on Dyckman near the old marina and took a walk with my camera. I was determined to find it today. The day was stunningly beautiful and all along the streets, many people milled about. Dyckman Street was closed to traffic … Continue reading NYC Greenway (Manhattan Waterfront)

Sigma BC 506 Bike Computer

Sigma BC 506 mounted on bike handle.
Sigma BC 506 mounted on bike handle.

Last weekend I purchased a much needed bike computer. As a first time casual rider, I wanted to keep track of the time spent, mph and most importantly, total number of miles traveled. After looking online for a suitable computer, I finally opted to go with my bike shop’s suggestion.

First and foremost, two things I must cover before going into details on the bike computer. If you want to purchase this item or any other similar item, I suggest you purchase it online! Last Saturday I asked the very helpful and friendly sales clerk at County Cycle Club to suggest a bike computer for me. He immediately suggested that I go with the “cheaper” model as the other models had stuff that most people don’t even need or bother to use (e.g. cadence meter). In that regard, he was 100% correct. I wanted basic and no frills. He suggested the Sigma BC 506. Here’s the whopper: I asked him how much and he said it was $34.99. Ok, a little steep but I figured it wasn’t that bad. I later found out otherwise. When I got home, I checked (why oh why did I do that?) and found the same model for
Continue reading “Sigma BC 506 Bike Computer”