Coney Island Mini

Here’s another tilt-shift photo I fiddled with. This was taken at Coney Island a couple of years ago while on the giant ferris wheel. when I saw this, I knew it would be another fine candidate for my experimentation. I applied an unsharpen mask filter, tweaked the line curves, saturated it somewhat and then cropped the ocean out. I like how it turned out. Continue reading Coney Island Mini

Tilt-Shift Photography

A couple of weeks ago I started getting excited about a new Photoshop trick to implement on a couple of my photographs. I am not a Photoshop expert by far and hardly use the program with my photography. I stick with Aperture to make the subtle tweaks and enhancements to my pictures but try to avoid even that whenever possible. I picked up the October issue of Digital SLR Photography (British magazine) at my local bookstore and on page 15, I saw a very striking image of London’s Big Ben. It was an aerial photograph of the iconic clock tower … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Photography