Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

For this week’s challenge, I decided to only post pictures taken from my iPhone4s. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to only use my phone during my travels to take pictures. It forces me to be a little more creative with my compositions. Most of these pictures were used in my instagram feed. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

ATI Radeon HD 5770 and the 1st Gen.(2006) Mac Pro

In 2006 I decided to finally leave the world of Windows and the PC and embarked on a whole new adventure: I purchased my first Mac and dove head first into Apple’s streamlined and simple OS. I purchased a 1st generation Mac Pro with its new Intel Processor inside. It’s a decision that I have not regretted at all. I was glad to be rid of the frequent blue screens of death, buggy programs, unexpected shutdowns, viruses, crashes, frozen screens, and a slew of other PC related problems. I’m a very competent and tech-savvy computer user, A+ trained and having attended … Continue reading ATI Radeon HD 5770 and the 1st Gen.(2006) Mac Pro

I’m Not Getting an iPad 2!

The Big Yawn A year ago when the iPad premiered, I was very skeptical and even scoffed at it. As pretty as it was, touting all the bells and whistles that made the audience and ultimately the whole world drool and clamor for one, I just wasn’t impressed. Never mind that it was costly or that the data plan was attached to AT&T’s much criticized (and justly so) network, people wanted an iPad and they wanted it now! I am not an Apple hater. I love their products and I think Steve Jobs is brilliant at employing extremely smart individuals … Continue reading I’m Not Getting an iPad 2!

Faux Genius Bar

Today I went to the Genius Bar at the Apple store located at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack. I, along with my best friend, brought in his refurbished G4 to the counter, expecting some top-notch, quality help and expertise. My friend was totally bummed out over his inoperative machine. We were desperate. We are new to the Mac OS environment. We know our way around the desktop and its various functions but when it gets too technical, it’s out of our league. The fine folks at the Genius Bar proved to be our only hope. Unfortunately, we walked away … Continue reading Faux Genius Bar