Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

For this week’s challenge, I decided to only post pictures taken from my iPhone4s. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to only use my phone during my travels to take pictures. It forces me to be a little more creative with my compositions. Most of these pictures were used in my instagram feed.

Beer and Baseball, two things that go great together.
3 o’clock mass…
Skyscraper and the Apple Store on 5th Avenue.
I love art on buildings. There’s no way you’d miss Missbehave Bar in NYC.
Cheeseburger (inferred) and a jug of lemonade to wash it down.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. These are gorgeous photos! I LOVE the first one. I can’t believe they were all taken with your iPhone, amazing! Have you ever tried to blow up/print photos from your iphone? Wonder how they would turn out.

    1. I take pictures predominantly with my Nikon D90 or Canon G12, scoffing the idea of taking any serious pictures with my iPhone. Well, I have to eat my words because it’s never about the equipment as others have stated: it’s all about the photographer’s creativity and knowledge.

      You can take great pictures even with a pin-hole camera. You just have to be aware of the camera’s strengths and weaknesses and compensate for it.

      As far as enlarging iPhone photos, I believe you can get a decent large print (with a resolution of 1536 x 2048) but haven’t tried it myself.

  2. These are all great captures. I struggle with my camera phone so you have inspired me to keep trying with it in addition to my camera. : ) The second capture with the clock is stunning.

    1. Thank you, “justramblin'”! Another added benefit of using your camera phone while taking pictures with your main camera is for the geotagging feature. I can’t afford those expensive GPS devices for my Nikon so I often take a secondary picture with my phone to record the coordinates. I can later tag all my other pictures with a location using my iphone’s info.

      As far as editing goes, I’m a “purist” so-to-speak: I only use in-camera apps to make the adjustments. No photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture. There are literally hundreds of apps to help you with these tasks. Choosing the right one is part of the fun as well.

  3. All these pictures were taken with your iphone? I’m impressed by the quality of them. Great post!

    1. Thanks you Ramblings! Yes, they were all taken with an iPhone. Lately, I’ve been using my iPhone more and more for my photography. When I travel for business, it’s so much easier to carry an iPhone than my bulky Nikon. I’m really looking at photography in a different way with it.

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