A couple of years ago I was involved in a car accident. It was the first time I’ve ever had an incident on the road. It was raining that day and I was getting off the NJ Turnpike exit. I’ve driven this route a million times to visit my good friend Janet and her family. I wasn’t driving fast but the road was wet and the curve on the ramp was steep. Next thing I know I was skidding. A truck hit my rear bumper and I was now spinning, desperately trying to regain control. By the time I stopped, my car was facing the opposite direction on the side of the ramp.

Despite the huge scare, the bumper had cosmetic damage but my rear quarter panel needed some work.
Despite the huge scare, the bumper had cosmetic damage but my rear quarter panel needed some work.

So far so good! My brother and I had a big scare and I thank my lucky stars that it didn’t end up worse.

I move my car to the side (safely away from oncoming traffic) and proceed to walk over to the truck driver to exchange insurance information. He was still inside the truck sitting with two other passengers while I spoke to him from the outside. That’s when things took a turn for the very worse.

20081108_Accident04Another car came barreling down towards ME! It crashed with a loud bang at the rear end of the truck (not a good day for this truck), spun and then the rear end of the car slammed into my right leg, sending me flying ten feet down the pavement. I landed hard on my left knee in great pain. I was in shock. I had no idea what had happened. I remember thinking that my legs were broken as I lay on the ground. My brother came quickly to aid me.

This truck was built tough!

I was able to get up in pain, thanking God that I had not suffered serious damage. In minutes the entire exit area was a serious accident scene with state troopers present and traffic starting to back up.

The lady’s car was totaled. I was lucky to still drive mine afterward back home.

The old lady in the car was alright but she was equally disoriented. The three guys in the truck were just fine but really pissed that their day turned sour. I was able to walk around and even get in my car despite the pain. I was minutes away from my friend’s house and I wanted to be far away from this scene. My brother doesn’t drive so I had to.

After a very long time to sort things out, we were all allowed to leave but not before receiving a ticket from the state trooper! I couldn’t believe it. He gave me a ticket for driving excessively. Bastard. The woman, SHE was definitely speeding! Several weeks later I was able to fight it in court, paying only half the fine and avoiding any points on my license.

I ultimately went to the doctor’s and he told me that it was a miracle my leg didn’t break. I had an MRI done, was on crutches and had to go through physical therapy for a few weeks. To this day, sometimes my left knee acts up in minor pain.

I remembered this day vividly and I’m always thankful that it didn’t end up worse.


5 thoughts on “Fray

  1. I am glad it did not end up much worse as well. What a horrendous ordeal…then to receive a ticket! Definitely a superb post to go with the word “Fray” What a thing to go through…and then you were driving right after that. I cannot imagine the sheer terror you must have felt when that car came at you, and then connected. So elated to see no major injury was sustained and all walked away from the terrible accident fairly unscathed. What a post. Intense. So happy you are here now. Myriads of smiling cheers!

    Autumn Jade

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