Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

IMG_4775-EditI pick this up every day and place it securely in my pocket, the jingling sounds and heavy weight always bringing a small measure of anticipated satisfaction. No longer indebted to a conglomerate entity, it’s finally all mine – paid in full. I bask in the joy of complete ownership and the freedom it always affords me.

Even in it’s idle stance, the clean lines and strong curves evokes a thing of beauty which belies its strength, power and unbridled American muscle dormant just beneath its tungsten gray skin.

It rumbles to life and threatens to kick and buckle under me as it stirs from it’s sedentary state to an aggressive position. It’s low growl rises in crescendo as I urge it forward, accelerating away fiercely from its urban stable and down the asphalt path. Music to my ears…

This object signifies happiness. It represents freedom, enabling me to go anywhere at any moment. At times I think not of the destination but in the simple pleasure in the journey itself. Getting there is always the most fun. The world is shut off and I fall into the music as I follow the road and where it takes me.

I just ride like the wind.

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