Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Parked in my usual spot, my trusty ‘stang which I’ve named Mona II sits waiting for me.

Today I was in Boston (was there all week) and right at this very moment I am back home. I have to commend Sara for coming up with a real good post this week. As it so happens, I only took two pictures today which I will add to this post.

Upon arriving to JFK this afternoon, I felt really good to be driving my own car. Every time I go to the airport parking lot, my Mustang is always there waiting for me. There’s nothing like being able to get in your own car from a long vacation or business trip and get home to the family.

As I drove out of the airport and across the Triboro Bridge, I encountered heavy traffic on I87. It was VERY bad. There’s nothing like getting home from a great vacation or long business trip and encountering a virtual parking lot on the highway. I quickly took the nearest exit and drove up the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, past Yankee Stadium, the courthouse, Fordham Road and my old school where I used to teach 2nd grade.

The Loews Paradise Theatre near Fordham Road, Bronx.

I couldn’t help but snap this picture while waiting at a light. I’ve always like this theater and wondered about its history.

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