Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Nothing beats a good book. No batteries needed and definitely allowed just prior to takeoff and landing. Take that, flight attendants!

According to this week’s photo challenge, the word companion has many meanings, one of which was completely new to me! When I think of my companion I think of my daughter who’s growing up so incredibly fast. We enjoy so many great moments together. Whether catching the latest blockbuster film, checking out some zany and funny tv sitcom, hitting the road seeking adventure or eating out at a fancy restaurant, she’s always by my side.

I devour words.

However we both have one companion in common, one I helped foster even before she entered this world: the written word.

We are both readers and we read lots of books. It’s reading for pure and utter enjoyment that fills us with so much pleasure. She was read to while in the womb. Now she reads in school, at home in her room and then again in bed before heading off to slumberland. I read for work; emails, manuals, documents, etc. fill my day. Sometimes boring stuff. I read while waiting on line at the post office or at the supermarket, in any kind of waiting room, while flying, while riding the subway in NYC, at home on a quiet afternoon, and ALWAYS in the evening before heading off to slumberland. I devour words.

My iPad, my e-reader. Currently reading Storm of Swords.

I read somewhere (yeah, I do that a lot) that we’re carrying more and more technology around with us. It’s no longer just a cellphone or smartphone, we’re lugging around tablets, e-readers and laptops. I’m definitely at fault for this but my iPad was purchased primarily as an e-reader. One of the many go-to apps I utilize are Zite, Flipboard, Newsify, Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle apps.

I love the Kindle app! When not reading novels I read PDF’s and other documents uploaded via Dropbox or Send to Kindle app.
Making phone calls or texting? Nope. I’m most likely reading – emails, articles, or books – on my iPhone! Secondary use: taking pictures of course!

A newspaper is always handy while waiting for your room to be ready (they’re free!) or while waiting to board your plane at the gate. Once inside, I flip it open while everyone else is told to shut off their e-readers, phones and iPads by ever watchful and gestapo flight attendants.

What we’re looking at here is an endangered species. With online content so readily available, I fear that the fate of newspapers may be sealed. I sincerely hope not.

The written word is my companion. Whether it’s an actual book made out of paper (yeah, I know!) or some sort of e-reader, I’m never far away from words. I learned from a very young age that reading is fun. That’s never been truer today. And if you’re a writer, then reading is definitely something you should be doing all the time!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. Books in any form are my constant companions, so I completely identify. I have a Kindle as well as the Kindle app on my iPad and laptop. And I have lots of real books.


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