Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Now who in the world is she attempting to call?!?!

Okay, THIS time I thought that I would really be out this week’s photo challenge. Unfocused? Who came up with that? Let’s be honest, when most of us find out that we have an unfocused, blurry shot, we immediately discard it. For me, it’s an automatic response after looking at my LCD screen on my Nikon: press delete! I NEVER keep subpar pictures. With digital technology, it’s SO easy to just take another picture. If you’re really good, you’re taking lots and LOTS of pictures in the process, electing to discard the unacceptable ones once you get home and fire up the good ‘ol digital darkroom.

I wasn’t going to go out and take a picture intentionally out of focus. For me, that’s just lame and too contrived.

Then I remembered that several years ago on a trip to France to visit the in-laws, there was one picture that I almost deleted and opted to keep. I had brought along with me my Canon Powershot G3 and was playing around with the focusing settings. On this particular festive night with the family, I was taking plenty of pictures. I saw my little niece, Youna and decided to take a picture of her. When I looked at the viewfinder, I was totally displeased with my capture: she was completely out of focus.

What stopped me from immediately deleting the picture however was the action going on in the background. I have no idea who my daughter was trying to call but I knew instantly that this photo was a keeper!

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