Stickygram Magnets!

Today I received my stickygram magnets. These are just nine of my favorite shots thus far.

As most of you know, I’ve been on a real Instagram kick for the past couple of months. I’ve been using my iPhone4s to take pictures of my travels and to document everything I encounter and see around me. With these little snapshots I really try and tell a story of where I’ve been. The pictures I take represent a small experience and slice of life while I’m on the road. Used in conjunction with my iPhone app, Momento, I can go back and time and not only read about, but see the places I’ve visited.

One day I’ll pull all my best shots and make an Instagram photo book. For now, making magnets out of my pictures will have to do. In comes Stickygram.

Stickygram is a personalized printing service based in the U.K. which allows you to choose nine Instagram pictures from your account and make 50mm X 50mm magnets. The whole process was incredibly easy to do. After giving permission to stickygram to access my account, I went ahead and selected my nine pictures (the hardest part really as I have over 150 thus far). The intuitive webpage allows you to remove a previous selection and add another picture if you change your mind. Once you’ve made your selections, you preview your order and then submit your form of payment (I used Paypal) and wait for your magnets to arrive to your doorstep.

For a pack of nine, cost was $14.95 plus tax (which amounted to $16.23, $1.80 each – not bad). Shipping was totally free! According to their website, shipping to North America typically takes 5-12 days after your order is submitted. I ordered my prints on April 29th and two days later, it was shipped. I got them today in my mailbox (small enough to fit with no issues). Total shipping time: 2 days! Even better than their conservative estimate.

The pictures look beautiful. The magnets are of high quality. The only gripe I have (and it’s really nothing) is that when pulling apart the magnets, you really have to be careful. I folded them at the seams several times and was afraid that I would damage my diminutive pieces of art. I would’ve preferred if they were better pre-cut for separation.

I love Instagram but now with stickygram, my pictures not only live on my iPhone, but now I can appreciate them every day on my fridge!

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