IMG_7886Why aren’t things built to last anymore?

When I buy any product I make an honest effort to go out of my way to make sure that it has that “Made in America” label. Even my previous cars and current vehicles are American made (Ford and Jeep). “Made in America” used to mean quality. For the most part, American made products are still a better option than most shoddy products made overseas. However, no matter where things are made nowadays, they’re clearly not meant to last. This statement couldn’t be any more truer than with electronic purchases.

IMG_7883Take for instance my Bose in-ear headphones. I love this particular model! These are way more preferable than Apple’s stock EarPods or their in-ear headphones. The sound coming out of these headphones is rich and with just the right amount of bass in my tunes. They feel extremely comfortable in my ears, wearing them for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. I didn’t work out with these. I didn’t expose them to the elements. I didn’t do any strenuous activity while wearing these. I mostly used them at the library, bookstore or at home just before bed – gentle use. These came with a handy little case so that every time I was done, I made sure to pack them away safely. Needless to say I paid top dollar for these. Like Apple, you’re paying good money for a well made product with a very good company.

IMG_7882Alas, less than three years later, they are on their last leg. I take very good care of my stuff. So much so that when I upgrade my electronics and either give them away or resell them, people often think it’s brand new. Clearly not with this product. The rubber encasing the delicate wires are worn out and frayed, exposing them in the process. The headphones still work but it’s only a matter of time before they’ll fail me (and fail they will). When they do, sadly I won’t be buying another pair. I just can’t afford to plunk down good money for a product whose lifespan is only a short few years.

I don’t know what the warranty period is for this product but I clearly exceeded it. Bose, if you’re reading this, can I send these in and get a replacement pair? There’ll be a positive followup post in it for you if you do…

I whipped out my iPhone 5S with the Olloclip macro lens and shot these for this post.


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