Week Photo Challenge: Simple

I am amazed at how people take simple objects and things and turn it into great works of art. While walking down an 8th Avenue fair in Manhattan one hot summer day, I came across such an artist who specializes in “metal art”. He takes bicycle and real engine parts, scrap metal, nuts, bolts, and screws and welds them together to truly create beautiful sculptures. He then polishes them all with wire brush and finishes the job by coating the sculpture with lacquer to prevent them from rusting. He’s very well known for creating Alien, Predator and Star Wars metal art. The pictures don’t do it justice. Each metal art, no matter how big or small is incredibly detailed and has a lot of weight to it. I own three and I’m always asked about them whenever I have company over. Go to metalpark.org to see more of these works.

Aliens vs. Predator
I loved this one so much I bought it!
Star Wars shelf
Yoda, TIE Bomber, AT-ST Walker and At-AT Walker

Aside the metal art, I loved these other items created from simple things.

Flattened wine bottles.
Flattened beer bottles.
Bugs bugs bugs!
I love these old signs!

8 thoughts on “Week Photo Challenge: Simple

  1. Quite a fascinating view! While the metal art is impressive, I especially love the flattened bottles – maybe because I can’t imagine how they were made! Great old signs, too, mainly because they take me back.

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