Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

My Simple Dining Room.

There are many things I find comforting throughout my often hectic day. I always retreat to a good book while flying on long trips, open up my iPad and surf the web or read an ebook. I could listen to music anywhere, anytime, any place and find that incredibly comforting. Music fills my soul and calms me down. My 9-year old jokes that I find comfort and relaxation via my large screen HDTV, movies or video game system (and she wouldn’t be wrong in that assessment). A nice drive in my Mustang would also be a close contender. A cup of hot chocolate in the late evening as I watch CNN would pretty much top the list of things that I would call comforting.

I thought long and hard about this photo challenge and when it boils down to it, what I call comforting is simply…


After a long drive from work, trying desperately to avoid traffic, home is what ultimately comforts me. When I arrive from a long flight which is sometimes filled with frustration caused by mechanical delays, weather delays, or some unforeseen “act of God”, there’s nothing like coming into my dining room and dropping my bags and just unwinding. This is where I eat with the family (whenever possible although I must admit, I’ve been missing a lot of those nights). I also “debrief” with my daughter as she tells me how her school day went. This is where we set up shop and go through homework with her and sometimes do arts and crafts here. But when I get home from a hard, long day, I go through this area, check my mail and then plop down on my sofa…

Right into the waiting arms of my little one…

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