Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

After being away on vacation for a week, I wanted to squeeze in last Friday’s photo challenge before the new one is up. I love this particular photo challenge as I’m a big advocate for having a hearty breakfast everyday. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for me. My breakfasts typically include a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee along with a bagel. My favorite breakfast however is corn beef hash and eggs with home fries. Today’s photo is of my friend’s homemade waffles served up in Colorado Springs. My friend Tony is a fantastic cook and anything he makes is simply fantastic … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

While strolling the San Cristobal fort in Puerto Rico, I stopped to gaze out this “window” and admired this beautiful city. Years later I remember now quite vividly the sights, sounds and even the old musty smell of this fort. I thank my friend Jocelyn for giving me the tour of the country she calls home. It was my first and only trip to Puerto Rico and I hope to return again someday. I thank my previous employer for sending me out there in the first place. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

There are many things I find comforting throughout my often hectic day. I always retreat to a good book while flying on long trips, open up my iPad and surf the web or read an ebook. I could listen to music anywhere, anytime, any place and find that incredibly comforting. Music fills my soul and calms me down. My 9-year old jokes that I find comfort and relaxation via my large screen HDTV, movies or video game system (and she wouldn’t be wrong in that assessment). A nice drive in my Mustang would also be a close contender. A cup … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort