Goodbye 101.9 RXP – Radio truly SUCKS now!

I am LIVID!!! Just today I discovered that 101.9 WRXP in New York City is no longer on the air. I am truly VERY depressed about this. This station was permanently set on my car radio, on my living room receiver and on my bookshelf stereo system in my home office. The station and its DJs were fresh, new and totally cool. I loved driving to work, often long hours listening to Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram. On those office days where I worked from home, I loved listening to the 90s at lunch, reliving those classic tunes that brought … Continue reading Goodbye 101.9 RXP – Radio truly SUCKS now!

Tron 2.0

In 1982 I was in middle school when I first saw Tron. I knew way back then that I was seeing something incredibly special, unique, and technologically magical. I remember seeing the commercials on TV and SO wanting to see this movie. When I emerged from the theater, I was blown away by the computer graphics up on the screen. I just didn’t think it could get better than this. The story for me took a back seat however. A genius computer programmer and video game creator gets zapped into the very world he helped create. In that world, populated … Continue reading Tron 2.0