Instagram Web Profiles

Today I stumbled upon a story on CNET regarding instagram and how they’re now starting to slowly roll out user profiles for the web this week. Immediately after reading this post, I went to to see if I was one of the lucky ones to have a web profile up and was greeted with the following page: Bummed out, I tried my daughter’s and her profile wasn’t up yet. Figuring it would be up sooner or later during the week, I went about my business. Several hours later, just before going to bed, I decided to give it another … Continue reading Instagram Web Profiles

Life in the So-called Space Age: Parking Meters

A couple of years ago I was visiting Florida on business and while on a particular lunch break, I parked my car and started to fish for some coins out of my pocket when I noticed that the parking meter I was standing in front of didn’t take coins. I looked at the meter closely and saw to my amazement that I could pay by cell phone! All I had to do was dial the number and arrange a payment. How cool is that?! I don’t remember the details of the transaction exactly nor the exact city (was it Coral … Continue reading Life in the So-called Space Age: Parking Meters