First Bike – First Blog!

Giant Cypress (Black/Gray)

This is my first public online blog so I figured that start off by talking about my new Giant Cypress (Black/Grey) bike. As I get more comfortable with the whole blogging thing, I will post more stuff of substance. For now, this bike is really a big deal for me.

I am 41 years old and I haven’t owned a bike…. ever. I’ve always borrowed bikes from friends but never owned one. Living in New York City for most of my life, taking mass transit to get anywhere was good enough for me. Only on one occasion I remember riding my friend’s bike all through upper Manhattan amidst traffic. That was a lifetime ago. The thought of doing so now only fills me with dread as the streets are more congested and dangerous then they were in my youth.

To its credit however, New York City has done a tremendous job Continue reading “First Bike – First Blog!”