Best Buy Extended Warranty? Pish Posh!

Every time I go to Best Buy (when I don’t buy my stuff online from Amazon – better prices – or other online electronic outlets) and purchase a piece of equipment or item, I’m always harassed about purchasing the extended warranty. If I buy a TV, a receiver, home theatre speakers, webcam, headphones or a computer monitor, I’m ALWAYS offered, nay, pushed to buy an extended warranty during checkout. Heck, even when I buy a video game there’s some sort of an anti-scratch disc protection plan. I always give those clerks a courteous “no” with little veiled disdain and move … Continue reading Best Buy Extended Warranty? Pish Posh!

I’m Not Getting an iPad 2!

The Big Yawn A year ago when the iPad premiered, I was very skeptical and even scoffed at it. As pretty as it was, touting all the bells and whistles that made the audience and ultimately the whole world drool and clamor for one, I just wasn’t impressed. Never mind that it was costly or that the data plan was attached to AT&T’s much criticized (and justly so) network, people wanted an iPad and they wanted it now! I am not an Apple hater. I love their products and I think Steve Jobs is brilliant at employing extremely smart individuals … Continue reading I’m Not Getting an iPad 2!