Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

I discovered the Foret de Broceliande over four years ago while on one of my frequent trips to France. This time we decided to explore the area around Rennes in Brittany and came across this beautiful forest in the French commune of Paimpont. It is said among the locals that a number of adventures from Arthurian legend took place in this forest and that the tree in which the Lady of the Lake imprisoned Merlin can still be seen today. Speaking of Merlin, a few meters from this very spot is supposedly Merlin’s tomb. It was told to me that … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Supermarket + Instagram = Fun

I hate food shopping, even more so with the significant other. When I food shop on my own, I’m equipped with a short list. I have an objective to accomplish. My motto has always been “go in and go out”. It pretty much applies to a lot of what I do. With these supermarket trips however, I usually wind up following her as I drag the cart around, with little input at times as to what goes into it. Let’s face it, veto power is totally in their hands. I feel like some sort of man-servant who’s relegated to simply … Continue reading Supermarket + Instagram = Fun

Addicted to Instagram

I love this little app! I know, I’m rather late to the party. Just last week I discovered Instagram, a photo sharing app you use with your iPhone to snap pics, apply built-in filters and then post to Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr or via email for friends and family. I must’ve been living under a rock to let this little app slip past me. As some of you may know, I love photography with a great passion and often day dream that I would do it for a living one day. Until that day comes, I just shoot away at anything … Continue reading Addicted to Instagram

Adding Yet Another Expensive Equipment to the Camera Bag

I was in need of a new compact camera. Photographers, amateurs and pros alike, salivate over new equipment, whether it’s lenses, camera bodies, tripods, heads, bags or that new software update/upgrade to make our digital darkroom that much better or improve upon our skill, I’m no different. I’ve been looking to make this purchase for over a year now. I was patient and I was frugal. I saved up my money and dived in and made the commitment. After much reading, reviewing and comparing I narrowed it down to three cameras I had my eye on. I finally settled for … Continue reading Adding Yet Another Expensive Equipment to the Camera Bag

Protecting Her King

For months now I’ve been staring at my chess set in the TV room, not playing with my 8-year old as I promised her I would do. I enrolled her in a chess club at her school a few months back and I felt a little guilty over not indulging her as often as I would like. I suppose I will call her up again for a game of chess (we’ve only played once or twice). However, when I occasionally look at the glass pieces as I watch TV, I think about what a good picture it would make with … Continue reading Protecting Her King

Scruffy Loves My New Lens

I’ve been on the fence regarding the purchase of a 50mm prime lens for my Nikon D90. In particularly, I’ve been eyeing the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens. Not only is the lens relatively fast but very affordable. As with all photographers, novices and professionals alike, amassing lenses is inevitable. We just love our different types of “glass” to add to our ever growing repertoire of expensive equipment. This however is not a frivolous purchase, but an absolutely necessary one. After reading my favorite photography magazine (a British magazine), Digital SLR Photography (http://www.digitalslrphoto.com), in particularly their March 2010 issue where they … Continue reading Scruffy Loves My New Lens

Tripod vs. Noxon

I’ve been in the market for a really good, solid tripod for the longest time. I’ve had a few that were flimsy and not very well constructed, ultimately breaking apart (you get what you paid for). I’m no professional photographer but I take my photography serious enough now to start considering using a quality tripod that will suit my needs. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on any one of the various Manfrotto tripods and heads. Also, with all the choices available, picking one tripod was proving to be as difficult or even more so than … Continue reading Tripod vs. Noxon

Tilt-Shift Photography

A couple of weeks ago I started getting excited about a new Photoshop trick to implement on a couple of my photographs. I am not a Photoshop expert by far and hardly use the program with my photography. I stick with Aperture to make the subtle tweaks and enhancements to my pictures but try to avoid even that whenever possible. I picked up the October issue of Digital SLR Photography (British magazine) at my local bookstore and on page 15, I saw a very striking image of London’s Big Ben. It was an aerial photograph of the iconic clock tower … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Photography