To My Friends, I Thank You All

One week ago this very day I learned that my best friend of 35 years and brother passed away quite suddenly of a heart attack. His name was Hector Collazo and was 45 years young and was on the cusp of becoming a great success in the comics industry once again. I lost a soul-friend and my life without him will NEVER be the same. I haven’t the will nor the energy to really write anything these past few days but when I saw Friday’s Weekly Photo Challenge on being thankful, the choice in picture was quite easy for me. … Continue reading To My Friends, I Thank You All

Cyan Skies Blogoversary – 3 Years and Counting!

This quick blog post is to simply thank those that have supported this site by both visiting and clicking on that ‘like” button, leaving a comment or even following me. When I started my blog three years ago, I started it with the purpose of connecting with family and friends, through my writing and by posting pictures. Somewhere along the line, that goal became less and less ideal. Somehow my focus for Cyan Skies had shifted and that was totally okay with me. I realized that I didn’t want to have my personal life completely exposed on the web. I didn’t want … Continue reading Cyan Skies Blogoversary – 3 Years and Counting!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

When I think of the word “close”, I think immediately of my daughter. During the first six months of her life, I was “Mr. Mom” after being laid off from a particular job. During that time we formed an incredibly strong bond that persists to this day. We’re friends, partners in crime, movie -goers and play buddies. Above all, we’re father and daughter: I’m the stern but loving father and she’s the consummate daddy’s girl. I count my blessings every day for having such a wonderful little girl in my life. Happy Father’s Day to all this weekend! Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

I’ve been very fortunate in this lifetime to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends. The seeds of many of my friendships began as early as elementary school, a few more in high school and definitely in college. Now in my mid-life, I am still surrounded by the very same loving and caring friends. These sets of pictures show my friends from way “back in the days”. If you look closely, you’ll see some of the same faces pop up in these various photos albeit a little rounder, a few less hair and a touch of grey here and … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Genuine Blogger Award

Back in late April, Sandra Conner from Sandra Conner… By the Book nominated me for the Genuine Blogger Award. She had left the nomination on an obscure post I had put up regarding my instacanvas gallery (I have since then allowed comments on my “Who Am I?” page). I had completely forgotten about it… until recently. Sandra, thanks for the nomination and thanks for following this blog. When I created this blog over two years ago, I was just a newbie to blogging and simply wanted to share my thoughts to just a few close friends and family. Now I have some … Continue reading Genuine Blogger Award

She Still Believes in Santa Claus

A couple of years ago, I watched and listened in amazement as a 1st grader in my classroom argued with her 2nd grade classmates (I had a mixed class of 1st/2nd graders) that Santa Claus really existed. It was a rather amusing debate as this single girl tried to convince the three or four girls surrounding her that Santa was real. The arguments against his existence were quite brutal, offered by the prosecution as mere irrefutable fact, the words pummeling the tiny first grader almost to tears. That’s when she turned with those sad eyes and asked me if Santa … Continue reading She Still Believes in Santa Claus

My Memories of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

On September 11, 2001, I was working at JPMorgan Chase Metrotech Center in downtown Brooklyn, literally across the Brooklyn Bridge. I worked with a team of Audio/Video technicians who were busy setting up equipment for a very important and large conference. I heard of the first plane crashing when my wife called. When the second plane hit, it dawned on us that this was no accident and that America was under attack. I remember feeling very upset and felt the visceral panic that had settled among my coworkers. Despite the chaos happening in NYC that morning, my manager wanted us … Continue reading My Memories of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

Life in the So Called Space Age: School Supplies

So I’m standing in line holding what seems like a veritable load of school supplies for my daughter’s classroom and I wonder why I’m doing this. Every year, parents everywhere take massive delight with child-like glee in sending their child(ren) off to school. I am reminded of that classic Staples commercial where a father is happily getting supplies as his children watch with glum looks on their faces while the song, Most Wonderful Time of the Year plays on. But coupled with that delight comes the dread of having to go to your local office supply store, whether it’s Office … Continue reading Life in the So Called Space Age: School Supplies