Forward: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s challenge was a little tough for me as I struggled to think of a perfect picture that would illustrate what “forward” means to me. I thought long and hard about it, choosing to wait a few days before I got some sort of inspiration. It wasn’t until last weekend when I saw a two-hour documentary on the death of Osama Bin Laden on the History Channel that I finally realized what forward meant not only to me, but to millions of Americans, specifically New Yorkers. The Freedom Tower represents how resilient we are, no matter how many setbacks … Continue reading Forward: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Beyond: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Shortly after my 21st birthday, I was given a fantastic birthday present by a co-worker:  a 20 minute helicopter ride around New York City! I sat up front right next to the pilot as I snapped away a few pictures during the ride. I remember being so enthralled at seeing my neighborhood and high school from so high up. I remember midtown Manhattan and flying over the Hudson and East River. I wanted that flight to never end. The helicopter then started to fly away from Manhattan and towards the Statue of Liberty. I was not expecting that at all! … Continue reading Beyond: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Renewal: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

  When I think of renewal I think about the time when I was a 2nd grade teacher in the Bronx and I would always look towards September with a great deal of optimism, excitement and hope, emotions tinged with a fair amount of last minute jitters and unfounded worries. In June you “break down” your classroom to make sure that the school janitor and his staff can either clean the room, paint the walls if need be and polish the wood grain floors plus a host of other things they do while we’re away enjoying our summer reprieve. Then … Continue reading Renewal: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

BIG – A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This past weekend I wrapped up yet another fun-filled (and tiring) excursion at one of the biggest conventions of the year in New York City: The NY Comic Con! When I think of big, it doesn’t get any bigger than this! I started going to these conventions for the first time in 2009. I was a fresh newbie, not knowing what to exactly expect from this unique experience. Traveling with my best friend and super illustrator/inker/colorist extraordinaire, Hector Collazo, the experience was even more richer as I got to meet many industry insiders via his connections and relationships to Marvel/DC … Continue reading BIG – A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For this week’s challenge I posted pictures of the USS Growler Submarine, now a museum on Pier 42 in New York City. It floats right beside the very impressive aircraft carrier Intrepid Sea & Air Museum. The Growler is the only American diesel-powered nuclear sub open to the public. It patrolled the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964 during the tenuous times of the cold war. 95 men lived and worked on the sub for up to three months at a time in very cramped quarters. I commend submariners for their years of service inside these giant “tin … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Finally! An Alternative Rock Station Back in NYC!

So I’m going through my presets on my car radio yesterday and was shocked to hear a song by Alex Clare called Too Close. To be honest I’ve never heard of this song but I liked it. What was most amazing however was the fact that it was playing on a 101.9, a station dedicated completely to news. I often heard from time to time when I needed to get traffic info but not much. I didn’t like the way the news was edited. If you wanted some news of substance, 101.9 wasn’t the way to go. Several months ago … Continue reading Finally! An Alternative Rock Station Back in NYC!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

For this week’s challenge, I decided to wait until this weekend was over. This being Memorial Day weekend in the United States, it’s often referred as the unofficial start of summer. When I think of summer, I think of this weekend when the masses all across America partake in various outdoor festivities like barbecues, swimming at the beaches and pools, vacationing with family, riding a bike, catching a movie or simply spending time with friends and family. This weekend also reminds us that the freedoms we now enjoy come at an all too heavy price. This is the weekend where … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer