Photos along NY-16

Driving south on NY-16 to Olean NY.
Driving south on NY-16 to Olean NY.

Over a year ago I traveled to Hinsdale NY by way of Buffalo. I usually take this yearly trip around the late fall and head into Olean for the night, heading into Hinsdale the next day to work at the local school.

Between Buffalo and Olean there’s really nothing of major interest. The road trip is rather mundane along NY-16 and there’s really nothing to see. Seriously folks, nothing. No major points of interest or tourist attractions. Nada.

I challenged myself to take ANY picture along my boring 97 minute drive worth sharing. Forgoing my regular camera, all I had with me was my trusty iPhone5s. It was just a matter of opening my photographer’s eye, paying close attention to the details  and seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

These few shots may not be much but it made my drive much more entertaining.


I saw a lot of decrepit and rundown barns and other structures along the road. These were just a few I managed to snap a picture of.


While driving through Franklinville, I noticed this pink house along the way.


This particular house wreckage definitely grabbed my attention. I made a u-turn and got as close as I could to take this picture. I didn’t want to get too close and trespass on the property. It looked like a massive tree fell on this house.





Finally arriving at my destination for the night, I take a pic of “downtown” Olean before doing some work and grabbing some grub for the evening.


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