4 thoughts on “Texture

  1. wow…i used to have a bedliner company that sprayed the texture material…an have sprayed on many an off road truck,,,but oh no…not a nice car werth a nice paint job OMG geezzzzzz…….. 🙂 wow… well someone had to do it ! 🙂 kewl shot! 🙂

      1. i think laterz i ll do a “texture 2” in my werld here to show my bedliner stuff 🙂 ThanQ …yeah ew to that also i am a body man an painter and find that mildly digusting to take a kewl car and destroy it with 600 bucks of texture coat spray , er superliner or linex er bedliner er whatnot. have a great weekend 🙂 Q

  2. I saw this one a couple weeks ago, but had to come drizzling back to bequeath a few words of appreciation- I really admire this shot. I find it absolutely fascinating. Love the reflections too by the way. At first, I thought it was some kind of build-up from outside, then I began to realize that this was not the case. I would really like to see this in real life…fascinating. Well-captured. Excellent depiction of texture, indeed. Cheers!

    Autumn Jade

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