I was away in France – will post pics soon – and haven’t participated in the weekly photo challenges lately. Now that I’m back, I want to squeeze in last week’s challenge before the new one is up today. This was a fun one as I had several photos to choose from. I decided to go with the first cell phone I owned.

Back in the day (mid to late 90s) this was one of the hottest cell phones. What more could you ask for in terms of features?

  • small form factor
  • Nokia’s proprietary OS
  • tactile keypad
  • gorgeous mono-tone pre-LCD screen
  • volume button
  • ultra-slim nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery
  • retractable antenna!
  • recharging dock
  • no cumbersome external card slot
  • no camera – selfies? who cared?!
  • no texting capabilities – just have REAL conversations

Feast your eyes on these mouth-watering images of the Nokia 2160.

Sleek, beautiful form factor, allowing you to hold the phone in the palm of your hand!
Can’t get reception? Extend the antenna and pray for the best!
Beautiful and ground-breaking slim design, allowing you 1.5 day standby time, 90 minutes talk time!
Gorgeous 1.75 inch (diagonal) screen.

Don’t you long for the days when talking on a phone was the only primary function you could ask for?

2 thoughts on “Relic

  1. A beauty! Similar to the first one I ever saw in the early nineties. I was rather wee at the time when my father came shuffling in with the device, having borrowed it from his boss. He babbled on about one day being able to chat face to face with people via a little screen on cellphones of the future, then rambled on about something to do with a Star Trek episode which I heard nothing of, as I was keenly busy, still learning to type on my type-writer…A fine, noisy old relic I still wish I had 😉 Fabulous shots, just wonderful. Many cheers,

    Autumn Jade

    1. Love that story! I can imagine your father “babbling” on, giddy with excitement. And now, I can see a knowing smile and a twinkle in his eyes, knowing that he was right all along!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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