IMG_6918While in France a couple of years ago, my daughter was very young and fidgeting with her loose tooth. Up until this point, she had never lost a tooth before and was very anxious to get it out. She was a little fearful of the whole procedure. To us, it was another milestone in her young life and we wanted to make sure it was a positive one. I offered the “string-on-a-tooth” method but was met with fearful skepticism and strange looks at daddy. Needless to say that never happened.

20071122_Josselin04It was while walking the streets of one of my favorite cities in Brittany that my daughter came to us with a tiny tooth in her hand. Just like that, it happened. This great event proved to be anticlimatic. She was smiling and already having daydreams on  how she was going to spend the money that the Tooth Fairy will be giving her.

Oh. I had completely forgotten about the money. I hope she wasn’t expecting it in euros ’cause the dollar wasn’t doing so well!

We promised her that the tooth fairy will surely deliver, expecting her bounty under a pillow by that evening. At the moment, we needed a place to store the precious and valuable little tooth. That’s when her aunt (and godmother) Corinne gave her a little present after disappearing for a few minutes at a local shop.

This little tooth container.

I had to admit that this little tooth container was actually very beautiful and extremely detailed. It was small and very fragile. I appreciated the workmanship and time spent to get the details right.

Needless to say that my daughter was a VERY happy camper! I was very appreciative of the gift she had given my daughter. We immediately put the tooth in it and for the rest of the day, she was very happy and relieved that losing the tooth wasn’t as painful as she thought it would be.

Perfect representation of what the tooth fairy looks like to my daughter.
First tooth!

Today, this little container is filled with tiny little teeth. All I could think of was Guillermo del Toro’s macabre version of the tooth fairy from his 2008 movie, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. My daughter did NOT like this scene!



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