Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Anyone who knows me quite well knows that I don’t like “rabbit food” on my plate.

IMG_4582For this week’s photo challenge, the word was habit. This one stumped me quite a bit. So much so that here we are, almost a week later and I wasn’t able to come up with a decent photo to embody the word. As I was making a salad for myself and my daughter tonight, it hit me. For the past several months, I’ve been slowly trying to add more greens into my food. Anyone who knows me quite well knows that I don’t like “rabbit food” on my plate. I know I know. It’s silly and a real unhealthy attitude to take.

As a child I never liked eating vegetables. You should’ve seen the staunch protests I put up at the dinner table when refusing to eat any kind of beans. A Dominican who doesn’t like eating beans?! Really? Yup, that was me (still don’t touch the stuff). I love corn, avocados, lettuce and tomatoes (is the jury still out on this one?). That’s pretty much it. But when I became a father, I had to set a good example. How could I ask my baby girl to eat her broccoli (yuck) or cauliflower (ugh) off her plate if I wasn’t doing the same? Simple: I told her that I had already eaten them just prior to serving her plate.

Such tactics don’t work anymore and she now knows full well daddy’s strange aversion to the “green stuff.” I have to start developing healthy eating habits. That includes adding more vegetables to my plate. It’s a daily struggle and I must admit I don’t win those battles but I do try. Heck, just a few months ago I started eating veggie breakfast patties and last week a veggie burger. And you know what?

I didn’t die.

But I won’t go running to try the heavier stuff yet. The broccoli and green beans can wait.


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