Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

NIK_1820-Edit-EditWho wears a watch nowadays? Even the most basic cell phone has the simple feature of displaying time in a bright, easy to read digital format. Just reach in your pocket and there it is, not only displaying the time but displaying extraneous information such as weather, stocks, news or sports scores. Traditional watches are now relegated to be worn as fashion accessories, not really serving a function of a vital time piece.

I still wear watches due to their their simplicity which I love. I prefer analog over digital. If the watch is a particular old piece or even a pocket version, so much the better. I recently purchased a watch with a magnified glass cover displaying its inner workings. Sometimes I love watching the gears slowly rotate and other intricate parts move with precision. I marvel at the craftsmanship of such watches. This particular watch requires winding every couple of days, adding more charm to it.

Rumors of Apple’s forthcoming iWatch will no doubt get everyone to start wearing watches again with all the bells, whistles and electronic doodads it’ll offer. Samsung jumped into the “smartwatch” market first with their watch and Sony will soon follow. These are just another set of electronic devices on your body that you have to keep charged.

Nothing beats a simple “dumb” watch to simply tell time.

This week’s photo challenge asked us to show a picture of something inside. It was an easy challenge for me as this was the perfect subject. I don’t have a macro lens so I had to shoot this in RAW and then crop the image, applying some adjustments along the way.

Do you still wear watches? I would love to read your comments.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

    1. Great point Gilly! The sheer amount of stuff you ladies are able to carry in those bags is nothing short of amazing. One day I’ll figure out how you all do it…

    1. Thanks Janaline! I’ve often walked out of the house without my watch and always felt rotten. When I’m in front of teachers or students, having easy access to time is so important!

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