Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea. James Joyce, Ulysses

DSC_7002I have a healthy respect for the sea and deeply admire those adventurous enough to test its waters, however calm and tranquil or turbulent and perilous they may be. I’ve never been out in the open sea, not even on a cruise ship. I would like to one day but to be honest, it’s not something I’m really drawn to. I’ve always lived near the coast and even on an island (there’s a strange comfort in it ironically) but that’s as far as my relationship with the sea goes: landlocked and at a healthy distance.

DSC_7005I am more comfortable in a cockpit riding the winds than keeping my feet steady on a swaying deck riding on crashing waves. The fact that I can’t swim really doesn’t help matters much.

As you all know, I travel to France frequently and I must say that I really love the many fishing villages and towns I’ve explored through the years. I love the whole seafaring motif in all the homes and towns I’ve visited. I love the briny smell of the sea and the cool weather it brings. The hardened men and women who make a living off the sea are one the most down-to-earth, bravest and hardworking folks I’ve ever met.

DSC_7030This week’s photo challenge is a perfect opportunity to showcase just a few of the pictures I’ve taken of and about the sea in Brittany, France.





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