What IS that thing out on the road?

Leaving Brooklyn Across the Manhattan Bridge.

So I’m driving down Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn after attending a Principal’s meeting when I spot in my rearview mirror a very unusual sight. I see a small, white vehicle extremely low to the ground dart and weave around heavy traffic on Flatbush Avenue. Driving past me I see the strangest thing on THREE wheels I’ve ever seen.

Speeding past me it slows down due to the heavy traffic towards the Manhattan Bridge. It changes into my lane and that’s when I get a closer look.

Just from the back this thing was very impressive!

This thing was amazing! My curiosity was definitely piqued to high levels as I followed it across the bridge. As we continue to slow down due to the noon day traffic, I get to see that there were TWO passengers in this thing. Checking out the markings on this vehicle, it read T-Rex 14R. Making a mental note, I knew that I had to Google it.

I assume it’s a father and son enjoying a ride into the city.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, New Yorkers are very friendly and this guy waved and smile as I complimented him on his ride. I wondered if he was some sports celebrity or musician afterward because the price tag on this T-Rex, according to Wealthy Men Blog (I guess rich guys blog too) this thing will set you back over 60K.

We continued into Manhattan and across Chinatown. Pedestrians, drivers and passengers alike were ALL turning their heads and quickly reaching for their cameras or cell phones as he drove by. It was very funny. A fellow driver the lane over turned to me and simply laughed.

I lost him around 50th street and I went on my way to my next meeting. This vehicle left quite an impression on me.

Yeah. I want one now.

The front of the T-Rex was equally impressive.
Following the T-Rex up the West Side Highway.



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