Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Cedar Creek Park in Nassau County Long Island NY. Click picture and see if you can spot my target. Hint: it’s really far!

So last Saturday I trek out to Long Island dealing with traffic and an hour+ ride to join the New York Archery Group, a Meetup I’ve been part of for several years now. The group is really great with super friendly people who are new to archery or long time shooters. It was my second time shooting at an outdoor range, a definite change of pace from shooting indoors. Here I had to contend with the wind and always make adjustments. The distance was greater as well, providing a tough challenge to hit that frustratingly elusive bullseye all afternoon. I normally shoot at twenty yards but at this range, I pushed it back to 50 yards! It was so far that I just couldn’t adjust my sight to compensate for the distance. I reached its limits despite numerous adjustments. Eventually I had to remove the sight and shoot without it. It was difficult at first but after many MANY tries I managed to hit the target three times, coming close many other times.

I went to get my Canon and then realized that I made a mistake no photographer should ever make: I forgot the SD card at home. Bonehead move!

I was really sore about it as I wanted to take some pics of the group and post our good times on the Meetup website. Then I remembered that I always carry another camera with me: my trusty iPhone 4S. Walking up to my target, I took several pictures and then remembered this week’s photo challenge. The iPhone has a fixed lens so adjusting the focus requires a bit of finger play (and the occasional app or two like the superb Camera+ app). Simply tapping and holding the focus point on the screen will automatically focus on the desired object. In this case, I opted to focus on the notch of the arrow, throwing everything else out of focus.

Barely seeing the picture on my screen due to the sun glare, I tapped and held my finger on the notch of the arrow throwing it in sharp focus.

Positioning myself a bit, I decided to take another picture but this time wanted to capture the entire scene in focus. I think I didn’t do a bad job.

IMG_3996To make things worse, when I took these pictures I couldn’t see squat! The sun’s glare was completely washing out the picture on my iPhone’s screen. I had to make educated guesses and hoped for the best. Tonight I finally got to see the results (too busy lately at work folks).

Moral of the story? Pack an extra SD card in your car or bag. Also, always remember that the best camera you got is the one you carry with you. It’s never about the equipment but what you do with it.

Would LOVE to read your comments but please forgive me if I'm unable to respond at times...

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